Moon Gate Joint Ownership Opportunities

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May 31, 2022
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Hotel With Private Plunge Pool

Joint-ownership opportunity in Antigua and Barbuda could be just what you're looking for! Moon Gate offers Joint Ownership on their Premium Suites with plunge pools.

Moon Gate Hotel & Spa consists of 49 fully-furnished resort Suites set across seven buildings, each offering a captivating view of Half Moon Bay, one of Antigua’s most beautiful beaches. Competitively priced with the Citizenship-by-Investment investor in mind, all Suites offer Freehold Title and optional rental pool inclusion for property owners.

Moon Gate’s Premium Suites with plunge pools are priced at USD$400,000 and are now available to be purchased with a Joint Ownership opportunity for a minimum investment of USD$200,000 per investor, with the added benefit of applying for Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship through the island’s Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Real benefits of Joint Ownership… the modern way to buy and own a destination property. Unlike a timeshare or a fractional vacation club, a joint ownership arrangement gives you all the perks that come with real estate ownership.

Enjoy peace of mind when you purchase.

Moon Gate offers property management and full citizenship by investment application support. We streamline the entire process to give you a hassle-free owner experience and information on processing an application for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship. We’re here to assist you with everything you need to make it happen.