Moon Gate Newsletter Issue 10

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August 3, 2022
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Aerial view of the mysterious isle of Redonda - by Edward Marshall

The Caribbean's greatest rebirth story of wildlife on our third island, Redonda. Safeguarding Hawksbill turtles our national sea creature & exploring artistic talents

This month we highlight talented local artists Bert Kirchner and Ronald Silencieux who evoke the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean. And focus on the critically endangered hawksbill turtle, our national sea creature. We take a breath from Carnival’s soca tunes and exhilarating performances to put the spotlight on red carpet premiere of the EAG’s film, ‘Redonda: The Road to Recovery’. The special movie reveals the transformation of the island of Redonda, the Caribbean’s greatest rebirth story.  All this is – in Issue 10 of our Moon Gate newsletter.

Redonda: From Rats to Riches

In this issue of our newsletter we lead with the remarkable metamorphosis story of the island of Redonda. It has transformed from barren rock to thriving wildlife haven and has been described as the Caribbean’s greatest rebirth story. 

Our islands are one of the only places on Earth where populations of the critically endangered Hawsbill turtles are thriving. That’s due to the robust efforts of organisations like the Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) who have been tracking, monitoring and safeguarding them for decades. Antigua and Barbuda is home to the world’s longest-running research study into the creatures. The project on private isle Jumby Bay has been in operation for more than 35 years.

Film producer Bert Kirchner fell and hit his head during a Covid-related dizzy spell causing concussion. This accident triggered his desire to paint and he has since created dozens of striking pieces from portraits to landscapes, abstracts to realism. We also feature Ronald Silencieux of Ronald Arts who has made a name for himself with his signature bold style. His paintings, scarves, coasters and tumblers evoke the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean. 

Lion Fish by Bert Kirchner
Lion Fish painting by artist Bert Kirchner

You’ll love the progression we are making on the first four buildings of the seven which will comprise the 49-Suite Moon Gate Hotel & Spa overlooking glorious Half Moon Bay beach. Issue 10 of our newsletter includes a full summary of progress on building developments at Moon Gate Hotel & Spa site. 

Costumes on Parade by the artist Ronald Silencieux of Ronald Arts
Fete season may already be in full swing but Carnival officially kicked off on July 27th Festivities conclude on August 2nd when all troupes and bands take part in a final parade through the city streets, decked out in dazzling attire.