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December 2, 2022
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MoonGate newsletter header issue 14 November 2022

Why are more people are opting for a second citizenship? Take a closer look at Moon Gate Hotel & Spa’s understated styling. Lastly we peek at this season’s social calendar.

All this and more to come  – in Issue 14 of our Moon Gate newsletter.

MoonGate newsletter header November 2022-second citizenship

We’ve been living through turbulent times. If you’re wondering what the maelstrom of economic uncertainty, political polarisation and climate change might mean for your financial future – as well as your emotional wellbeing – you’re not alone.

Investing in Moon Gate Hotel & Spa not only offers an exquisite home in a coveted beachfront location. It also offers the opportunity to secure second citizenship. This comes with a ream of tax advantages that can help protect your wealth too.

In early November, Moon Gate Hotel & Spa was a sponsor of the America Outbound Summit. It was held in New York and Los Angeles. Cameron Fraser, co-director of the hotel and spa, appeared as a panellist. He lead a discussion about the benefits of Antigua’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. 

Investing in real estate is an attractive opportunity for those looking for a safe and stable environment. A second citizenship offers relief from global taxation, visa-free access to dozens of countries worldwide.

MoonGate newsletter header November America Outbound Summit

MoonGate newsletter header November 2022-Moon Gate

It was a busy month on site with construction work fast progressing on all of the seven buildings that will make up the luxury resort.

November has been a demanding month on site at Moon Gate. Our diligent workers have accomplished lots of milestones, and all seven guest buildings are now underway.
The Moon Gate site team have prepared the ground areas to start construction
on Buildings 5, 6, and 7, and the hotel’s main communal areas

MoonGate newsletter header November 2022-construction video

Issue 14 of our newsletter includes a full construction summary of all progress made on site at Moon Gate during November. 

The earthy colours and timber textures of Bali meet the casual cool of the Caribbean in Moon Gate Hotel & Spa’s elegant design. Or – as the development’s stylist
Salvatore Perna puts it – a “tropical contemporary” theme.

The acclaimed Italian architect is infusing his flair and vision into the hotel’s aesthetic, both inside and out.

Perna’s impeccable eye will be evident across Moon Gate’s seven buildings and communal areas. And just like the Balinese style which inspires it, the project will be grounded in nature complemented by an organic palette.

Read more about Salvatore Perna’s style vision for Moon Gate Hotel & Spa in the full version of the newsletter.

MoonGate newsletter header November 2022-Rokuni Restaurant
With Christmas just around the corner and the peak tourist season now underway, there’s a plethora of options when it comes to entertainment. Asian-inspired cuisine and creative cocktails have made Rokuni one of the hottest spots on island. Rum in the Ruins, set in the historic grounds of Dow’s Hill fortress overlooking Nelson’s Dockyard National Park, features a candid talk on life in the 18th century each Friday at 5pm, complete with a planter’s rum punch.

Read the full version of our November 2022 newsletter here.

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