Moon Gate Newsletter Issue 15

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January 9, 2023
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The countdown is on: Moon Gate Hotel & Spa's announces a phase two expansion. We look towards phase one of Antigua’s hottest new development opening its doors in 12 months’ time. The newsletter also takes a retrospective look at John Bulls an intriguing bygone Christmas traditions.

All this and more to come  – in Issue 15 of our Moon Gate newsletter.

Moon Gate’s stylist Salvatore Perna doesn’t aim to make a statement, he designs with future generations in mind.

For the acclaimed Italian-born architect, a development’s aesthetics must be in perfect symphony with their surroundings. It’s an ethos that goes hand in hand with that of Moon Gate’s developers Gaye Hechme and Cameron Fraser. They are keen to protect Antigua’s pristine environment.

With the rich colours of the countryside and captivating Half Moon Bay as its backdrop, Moon Gate’s muted palette and understated ambience will complement its setting. 

Salvatore Perna explains, “The nature and simplicity of Antigua is what I love – the sea, the colours, the weather. Here you can have a direct connection with nature that you can’t have in a big city,”

The newsletter reveals more details about Salvatore’s vision for Moon Gate Hotel & Spa.

View from beaches in antigua

It’s been an exciting month at Moon Gate. The purchase of an adjoining three acres of land paves the way for a Phase two expansion.

The exclusive boutique hotel will now have a total of 80 rooms with additional public spaces and service areas. A new site plan will be released at the end of January. Meanwhile, Moon Gate phase one, is on track to open at the end of 2023.

John Bull Christmas tradition in Antigua and Barbuda

‘John Bulls’ were a dominant feature of local Christmas festivities in years gone by. These masked creatures with bull horns, dressed in sugar crocus bags and banana leaves, would roam the streets of Antigua, inciting both terror and excitement in onlookers.

Read more about John Bulls who have their roots in African traditions in the full version of the newsletter.

Flag of Antigua and Barbuda
December saw the welcome return of one of the signature events of the festive season. The champagne Christmas Day party in the Antigua Naval Dockyard. For New Year’s Eve, there’s a plethora of parties planned including a gala at Ana’s on the Beach. Also a special soiree at Rokuni, and a masquerade bash at the historic Copper and Lumber Store Hotel. The dockyard will also stage its annual fireworks display at midnight.