Moon Gate Newsletter Issue 16

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January 27, 2023
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Moon Gate Hotel & Spa phase 2, 3 acre extension

Moon Gate Hotel & Spa's new creative director tells us why the chic development on Antigua’s east coast is capturing his imagination. This newsletter edition also puts the spotlight on the country’s social and sailing scene, along with Antigua’s beloved traditional bread shops.

All this and more to come  – in Issue 16 of our Moon Gate newsletter.

It’s not just the physical structures that are fast making headway at Moon Gate Hotel & Spa. The development also has a new creative director at the helm.

Antigua-based multi-media producer J Rainey has more than 40 years’ experience working across the Caribbean region, in addition to North America and Europe.

“I’m very happy to be working back at home base and involved with this new project. I’m looking forward to bringing a new look to Moon Gate,” he says. “Through the wonderful channels of multi-media we can create a fresh viewpoint for the discerning modern guest.”

This issue of our newsletter reveals more details about the creative director’s branding vision for Moon Gate Hotel & Spa.

Construction work is continuing apace on site at Moon Gate Hotel & Spa.

This month saw surveying and land clearance on the recently acquired adjacent three-acre parcel. Buildings 1 and 2 of phase one are well advanced. The plastering and waterproof coatings are now being applied and cistern drain lines installed.

The fourth building has seen beams laid along with initial plumbing and electric works. Landscaping is also underway including the planting of royal, fishtail and fan palms in keeping with the tropical climate.

There’s no danger of the traditional ‘January blues’ in Antigua where the sailing season is in full swing.

Antigua Sailing Week is on every sailor’s calendar and the 2023 edition is now just three months away. The heady week-long mix of nail-biting racing and shoreside parties kicks off on April 29. Entries are flooding in from across the globe. 

Read about new developments for the 2023 Antigua Sailing Week in the full version of the newsletter.

Photography of traditional bread making by Vanessa Hall
Traditional bread shops are as much a part of Antiguan culture as Carnival and calypso. Bakeries can be found tucked away in suburbs and villages nationwide. Recipes and techniques - passed down from residents' African ancestors - have remained unchanged for generations. The best time to visit is at dawn when the bread is still warm from the oven.
Hiking Carpenters trail, English Harbour, Antigua
There are abundant hiking trails like Carpenter Rock Trail which winds up the hillside from Galleon Beach to Shirley Heights, taking in Mermaid Gardens rock pool

Read the full version of our January 2023 newsletter here. It includes the lowdown on Loose Cannon on Galleon Beach, Antigua’s hottest new beach bar. Activity ideas for a healthier you in 2023 and volunteering details to join the The Environmental Awareness Group.