Moon Gate Newsletter Issue 18

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April 3, 2023
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Wish you were here in Antigua? This month’s newsletter takes a deep dive into the ambience of Moon Gate where the hotel is fast taking shape. We give you the latest on the world-famous regattas that take place on our shores each April. Then offer a glimpse into some of the nation’s delightful cultural traditions.

All this and more to come  – in Issue 18 of our Moon Gate newsletter.

As we past the spring equinox the Moon Gate Hotel & Spa construction site is relentlessly moving forward. We are moving from a vision to the tangible reality of a deeply relaxed getaway space. The development is embedded in the gentle hills along Antigua’s east coast.

The journey has been long but exciting.  As we move firmly into the spring and summer of 2023, the hotel and its environment are truly beginning to materialise. Right before our very eyes. 

Construction continues apace, all the while adapting to both natural and man-made circumstances as they arise. This spring the Moon Gate marketing team begins its work in earnest.  We move forward to define and present the aesthetic which will become the essential heart of Moon Gate at Half Moon Bay’s lifestyle.

We intend to be truthful and direct in presenting the Moon Gate story. Rapidly it develops through its final stages from drawing board to an actual place for the world-weary heart to relax and rejuvenate.

Purchasing a property at Moon Gate entitles the buyer to apply for an Antigua and Barbuda passport. Citizenship here offers a range of tax advantages, plus visa-free access to more than 150 countries worldwide.

You wouldn’t be the first to fall in love with our beautiful twin isles?

The Citizenship by Investment Programme offers the chance to make the love affair with Antigua and Barbuda permanent.

Some of the world’s most venerable visitors are preparing to descend on our islands in April. And we’re not referring to the tourists. The Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta attracts a variety of ketches, sloops, schooners and yawls. Together they create a stunning spectacle.

One of the leading events of its kind in the world, the annual Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. It is an opportunity for owners to convene and show off their vintage vessels while competing in four days of racing. Not to be missed is the parade of classics when the boats. The stunning yachts form an elegant display against the historic backdrop of Nelson’s Dockyard, complete with sailors bedecked in period attire.

Five days after ‘Classics’ draws to a close, Antigua Sailing Week kicks into gear. Sailing Week president Alison Sly-Adams said anticipation is high among the international sailing community. They are looking forward to once again showing their mettle on the water.

These days, Sailing Week’s offshore activities are just as well attended as the races. While Sly-Adams could not yet reveal the headline act, she did confirm that signature party Reggae in the Park would be back in all its glory featuring a major international artist.

Antigua and Barbuda’s rich culinary traditions have their roots in Africa, and nationwide one can still often see dishes being cooked on an old-style coalpot.

To this day, the clay vessels are crafted entirely by hand and fired on an open bonfire.
In times gone by, families would sit together around the coalpot while dinner was prepared, sharing folk tales, ghost stories, superstitions and proverbs.

Today, most islanders agree that nothing beats the smoky flavour of a meal prepared on a coalpot.

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