Moon Gate Newsletter Issue 19

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May 2, 2023
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Our latest newsletter gives the lowdown on why Moon Gate is attracting interest from around the world. Could it be it's location ? We highlight the inaugural edition of Art Week - and how the quintessential Caribbean sound of calypso evolved from the plantation fields of colonial days to carnival and soca.

All this and more to come  – in Issue 19 of our Moon Gate newsletter.


The age-old adage of location, location, location is perhaps the number one guiding principle in real estate. In truth, Moon Gate Antigua is ensconced in a location which is, by anyone’s standard, exemplary.

But the exceptional beauty and natural wonder of Half Moon Bay is just the start. Our location provides the solid foundation for the entire Moon Gate and indeed wider Antigua experience. Built with a deep appreciation of the unique environment in which the property rests. Great care and eco-planning for long term sustainability is being applied to every aspect of the Moon Gate vision and construction. To that end all buildings at Moon Gate utilise the highest quality roofing tiles produced entirely in Antigua by IMCP Ltd. They dramatically reducing the carbon footprint to source, deliver and install.

There is so much more than just the location to discover. There are the people, culture and customs, the flavours and tones and textures, which combine to create the deeply immersive experience of time well spent at Moon Gate on Half Moon Bay.

And when it comes to location, we in Antigua often say “the beach is just the beginning”.

Moon Gate’s superlative setting and stunning location at Half Moon Bay is continuing to attract a diverse array of clients from all corners of the globe, including North America, Europe and across the African continent.

Meanwhile, work on site continues apace on site at Moon Gate Hotel & Spa.

  • Architecture, engineering and planning for the service area and reception are well advanced.

  • Building One: Fourth floor slab, penthouse pool, walkways, stairs and landings are cast. Fourth floor block work has commenced and roof material is now onsite. The roof tiles are ready awaiting completion of the roof frame and plywood deck.

  • Building Two: Forming up of half landing and stairs for the third floor is ongoing.

  • Building Three: Further plastering and finishing on the interior of the penthouse on the fourth floor has been undertaken with the filling of the penthouse pool to facilitate a photo shoot.

  • Building Four: Form work on lintels and building facade continue on second floor.


Moon Gate's location is Half Moon Bay, Antigua

The culture, colours and creativity of Antigua and Barbuda have been brought to life. The inaugural edition of Antigua & Barbuda Art Week took place in April. The event was organised by the Tourism Authority. It was designed to offer visitors a true taste of the twin isles location. The work of more than 30 visual artists and fashion designers were on show.

A specially designed art trail was one of Antigua & Barbuda Art Week’s highlights. The trail took participants on a journey through a variety of unique spaces, from the home of painter Gilly Gobinet – whose delightful waterfront location comprises a bacchanalia of murals, watercolours, sketches and seascapes – to Zemi’s Art Gallery in St John’s where artist Stephen Murphy can usually be found at work on one of his intriguing installations crafted from recycled materials.

MoonGate newsletter header April 2023-Antigua Carnival
The hip-jiggling jamboree that is Antigua Carnival is just three months away. But did you know that soca music – the rhythm on the road during the festival’s animated parades – evolved from calypso music?

Soca is a portmanteau of soul and calypso. The latter born hundreds of years ago in sugar plantation fields as a mode of communication between slaves. Characterised by satire, metaphor and innuendo, its harmonic vocals and upbeat rhythms remain an integral part of Caribbean culture. 

Read the full version of our April 2023 newsletter here.

It includes more about the location backdrop and line up at year’s Antigua Sailing Week. You don’t have to be a sailor to enjoy the spirited activities of Antigua Sailing Week.

This year’s dry-land offerings promise to be every bit as exhilarating.