Moon Gate Hotel & Spa

Moon Gate Hotel & Spa consists of 49 suites located on seven buildings, each offering captivating views of one of Antigua's most beautiful beaches: Half Moon Bay.

Suites are fully furnished with a wide range of amenities. They have been carefully designed with the aim of creating a community of like-minded individuals seeking an authentic Caribbean experience, balancing laidback island life with first world amenities. The suites boast spectacular views. The ground floor suites have individual plunge pools while the penthouse suites have fully equipped kitchens and plunge pools available for the exclusive use of their occupants.

Moon Gate offers a unique Caribbean “barefoot chic” lifestyle, extending indoor living to outdoor spaces, within a three-minute walk from the gorgeous white sands and pristine waters of Half Moon Bay. Watch our new video below.

Picture of actual Moon Gate in China.

Our Origins

There's a lot of history behind the name of Moon Gate Hotel & Spa. The fabled moon gate, a circular architectural feature can trace its roots back thousands of years to ancient Chinese architecture. The design is usually incorporated into garden walls, acting as passageways from one area to another. Years ago they were often built in the gardens of wealthy nobles and these days reinterpreted moon gates can be found across the USA and UK. They are said to offer an auspicious welcome and good fortune to all those who pass through. There are many other interpretations of this traditional garden feature, one being that the circular gateway rises out of the earth, like the moon rises in the sky, in celebration of the continuous cycle of life.

The dramatic impact of moon gates do have an undeniable elegance, and this is depicted in both our logo design and the beauty of our development.

Moon Gate Hotel & Spa consists of 49 suites on seven buildings with a wide range of amenities. Toggle the legend to see more.

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Sustainability & Green Technology

Demand for a more sustainable lifestyle drives innovation and creativity at Moon Gate. The resort's strong sustainability ethos is investing in green infrastructure and eco-landscaping to minimise its impact on the environment. Key eco-friendly resort amenities will fundamentally support local producers, artisans and strengthen cultural heritage activities. These valuable green credentials will allow the resort to operate with an instilled sense of responsibility without sacrificing on luxurious comfort.

Preserving Native Trees

Can you smell those divine loblolly trees? They're not the only natural vegetation being retained. The site's picturesque spice and black olive trees will also meld seamlessly into the tableau.

Small Footprint

The best things come in small packages. Spanning just two acres, Moon Gate's compact design equals a small footprint, keeping the impact on its stunning natural surrounds to a minimum.

Underground Cabling

Unsightly above-ground cabling is a no-no here. All of Moon Gate's utilities - along with the area to service them - will feature underground cabling to avoid any blight on those sensational sea views.

All Natural

Natural beauty products will be used throughout the hotel and spa. Selected items will be hand-crafted by local artisans. Better still, they will incorporate a plethora of local natural ingredients like aloe, honey and sulphur clay.

Water Concious

Rain water rules. It will be captured to fill cisterns while all waste water will be recycled into 'grey water' for use in landscaping and to irrigate the kitchen gardens.

Living Roofs

Much of Moon Gate's roof space will be flat to create 'living roofs'. Not only will this help the development blend into its natural background, they will also be used as kitchen gardens to grow fresh produce for the restaurant. Pretty nifty, right?

Energy Efficiency

From low energy bulbs to high efficiency air-conditioning and eco-friendly laundry detergents, sustainability is our modus operandi.

Indoor / Outdoor Living

Moon Gate's exquisite design is the perfect fusion of indoor and outdoor living, reducing the need for air-conditioning and artificial light.

Renewable Power

From our central solar water heating system to rooftop solar photovoltaic panels to generate electricity during daylight, Moon Gate makes expert use of Antigua's bountiful sunshine.

Meet the Developers

Moon Gate's directors Gaye Hechme and Cameron Fraser are passionate about the place they call home. That's why green sensitivities are a key feature of the resort's construction and operations. They are also determined to create a community-minded space where guests can relax, unwind, and enjoy an authentic Antiguan experience.

Portrait of Moon Gate Developer Gaye Hechme.

Gaye Hechme

As the owner and Managing Director of Island Living Investment Services, one of the country's leading authorised representatives specialising in services related to the citizenship by investment programme, Gaye brings her years of experience in property development, real estate, and investment migration to Moon Gate Antigua. She also oversees the operations of Chestertons Antigua and Barbuda, one of the oldest firms of estate agents in the world. Gaye currently serves on the board of the Antigua and Barbuda Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Portrait of Moon Gate Developer Cameron Fraser.

Cameron Fraser

Cameron Fraser brings decades of experience in the tourism industry to Moon Gate Antigua. He played a leading role in the country's development of cruise tourism as managing director of Antigua Pier Group, and is a co-founder and co-owner of the esteemed Nonsuch Bay Resort. He remains a director of Antigua Pier Group and is also a director of corporate management firm Key Properties Ltd and vice-president of the Antigua & Barbuda Cruise Tourism Association. Born in the UK, Cameron has lived in Antigua for more than five decades.