Frequently Asked Questions

When is the property expected to be completed?

Construction is ongoing and it is anticipated that Moon Gate Hotel and Spa will welcome its first guests during the winter season 2024.

What is the payment process?

An initial non-refundable reservation fee of US$10,000 is paid to secure the property and take it off the market. A deposit fee of 10% of the purchase price net of the reservation fee, is paid upon the execution of the sales and escrow agreements.

On approval in principle of the purchaser's citizenship the remaining 90% of the purchase price is payable to the escrow agent.

Are there any third-party costs associated with the purchase?

Purchasers are required to engage the services of a local solicitor to carry out the conveyance process. The fee is approximately 2% of the purchase price. The purchaser is also required to pay Government Stamp Duty which is 2.5% of the purchase price.

How can the purchaser's investment be secured?

On approval of the applicant's citizenship, 90% of the balance of the purchase price is forwarded to an escrow account managed by a reputable escrow agent. Disbursements of the funds are driven by the achievement of construction milestones which are authorized by the Citizenship by Investment Unit in conjunction with the engineer, contractor and developer.

What legal ownership structure is involved?

The legal ownership structure is freehold title ownership, and it comes with the associated property deed.

When can purchasers get their Antigua and Barbuda passport?

Following the approval in principle of the citizenship, once the total amount of the purchase price has been received and the government fees have been paid the Citizenship by Investment Unit issues the passport, the process can take up to 3 weeks.

Are owners allowed to occupy their property?

Owners can move into their property and live in it for as long as they wish. Moon Gate also offers the option for the suites to be part of the hotel's rental pool programme.